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HELL Kart&Event Center Opening Ceremony

Kartingowy Narodowy opening
5 maja 2015
kartingmanager software and hardware promo video
29 września 2015
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HELL Kart&Event Center Opening Ceremony

We are more than happy to inform that we’ve just returned from the opening ceremony of HELL Kart&Event Center in Miskolc, Hungary.

The track is located in the heart of Avalon Park, an impressive venue in the middle of the forest on the hills surrounding the city, just next to famous thermal cave baths, the main attraction of the area. The track itself, built by our friends from 360 Karting, is an outdoor track divided into four sectors. It can be used in 7 different configurations, or as two separate tracks. The track is equipped with 33 RiMO SiNUS iON electric karts that use 2 electric motors, each with a rated output of 2.8 kW and a maximum of 12 kW. We’ve installed there our biggest full-colour LED scoreboard so far, which is 1,92 m tall and 4,46 m wide!

The track is surrounded by restaurants, hotel, beer garden, event center, rental houses, swimming pools, a special adventure park for kids and much, much more! The whole investment will be finished in October 2015. Thus, HELL Kart&Event Center in Avalon Park, Miskolc is a superb way to spend time with a whole family with a guarantee of highest quality services.

We are glad that we could take part in the process of consulting, designing and constructing of this premium quality track. HELL Kart&Event Center is a definitely a must-see place for karting lovers!

To find out more about the track see HELL Kart&Event Center case study.

check it out:

check out our short video relation from the opening ceremony:

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