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Why us?

Easy start & Compatibility

If you already have a track - installing kartingmanager is super easy. Most likely you'll be able to use all hardware that you already have (timing, computers, printers, TVs, etc).

If you're already using some kind of track management system - most likely we'll be able to import your database so you don't have to start from zero. What is more important - we will significantly lower your software costs! kartingmanager has all the features you can dream of, at the best market price.

ZERO investment solution

If you follow our guidance (few very simple and reasonable points) we guarantee that in the first month of using kartingmanager you will make more additional money than you've paid for using it. It means it's not really an investment that requires time to get a return, but rather a money making tool that immediately unlocks additional revenue streams on your track.

Reasonable pricing, no hidden costs

kartingmanager is a money-making tool that will bring you way more additional revenue than its monthly cost. We’ll charge you for using the system and we’ll NOT try to make any more money on the side. You don’t pay for membership cards. You don’t pay for additional KIOSKs, TV displays or users. We don’t force you to buy any devices from us. You own the database and you can export it anytime you like.

FREE Trial

kartingmanager is the only karting software on the planet that you can try for FREE before you buy. We’re so confident that you’ll like it that we don’t mind letting you try for FREE :) There are some technical requirements to do that. Please contact us for more details.

FREE Updates

When you join us, you become part of the family. Whenever we come up with some new features – you’ll get it. No extra charges for updates. Updated process is automated and doesn’t require any technical staff on-site.

Simple, yet powerful

Our mission is to provide the most elegant, intuitive and easy-to-use karting software. Even your 5-year old kid will know how to use it. If something is confusing you – let us know and let us make it easier. At the same time kartingmanager has all the features you can think of. If we’re missing something important – let us know. We’ll add that as soon as possible and functionality will be available for you with next software update.