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How does it work?

Local version

If you don't have a reliable internet connection or you just don't want to depend on your internet - you can build a local instance of the system on your track.

  • We bring or send kartingmanager server to your track. It's a separate computing device, size of a big book.
  • We build a computer network (cable and wireless) between all devices on your track (or we can use existing network).
  • We connect the server and all your devices to this network.
  • You can access the system using your web browser. You can use your laptop / tablet / smartphone / etc.
  • IMPORTANT - you're using your web browser but you DON'T need internet connection, because you're only connecting to your local server within your local network.

Example set of devices

example set of devices

CLOUD version

You can also choose CLOUD version if you have a reliable internet connection and you don't want to worry about the hardware, cables, installation, configuration, etc.

  • We'll create an online account for you at
  • You have to make sure that all your devices have access to the internet
  • You should have a very reliable internet connection (or a second internet provider for backup)
  • You can use the system from any device that has a web browser