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Customer database

System allows you to register information about your customers (visit frequency, amount of money spent, best times, etc). You can give or sell them membership cards. You can create discount groups (silver, gold, platinum, VIP, etc). Mass mailing and advanced customer search engine have also been included.


Day planning (single races and complex events) is based on the built-in system calendar. You can immediately check what hours are busy and when you have some free slots. Also, the TVs in the waiting room will display the names of the drivers assigned to next race.


Smart contact with your customers is a fundamental element of effective marketing. KartingManager allows you to browse customer database and select users matching any criteria (gender, age, best lap, last visit, etc.) You can also send a message (email, Facebook, sms) to selected group of users.

Race Manager

KartingManager helps you run any kind of races on your track. If the number of participants is larger then the number of go-karts – system will divide your customers into smaller groups and will print the race plan.


Most of the tracks make more money on events than on classic races. KartingManager has been built to run events like that. Team races, endurance races, GrandPrix, etc. Each event can be configured to match your specific requirements (number of rounds, duration, points, etc.

Time tracking

KartingManager integrates with your time tracking device and displays time results on info screens, TVs, or LED screens on the tracks. All common time tracking devices like AMB/MyLAPS, TagHeuer, etc are supported. If you have any other device – we’ll most likely be able to integrate it too.


In your waiting room system will display the results of present race and also best times of the day / week / month / year. On the side there are the names of people assigned to the next race. TVs can be adjusted to match your colors, screen size, etc. You can use any TV available on the market. You can also display some ads or sponsor’s logos.


Garage collects all the information about your go-karts: mileage, repairs history, planned maintenance tasks, maintenance history, parts order, etc. You can also setup reminders for maintenance tasks every X moto-hours or every X days.


50% discount for birthday? Voucher for free run as a birthday gift? Permanent discount for VIP customer? Or maybe a special offer for selected communities? KartingManager has a built-in voucher system. You can manage and adjust them whatever way you want.


How many people have visited your track today? How many of them are totally new customers, first time on your track? What is the mileage of selected go-karts? When should you have the oil changed? Which marketing campaign has been the most successful? You can find answers to those, and many other questions in your daily, weekly and monthly reports.

Remote monitoring

Have you ever wondered what’s going on on your track when you were on holidays? Or on a business trip? You can monitor EVERY aspect of your track from anywhere in the world. All you need is access to the internet and your password. You can also switch that feature off if you don’t want to use it.

Membership cards

All your customers (or just some of them) can receive plastic membership cards with their ID and their name on it. Next time they visit your track – you’ll just scan them and see all their details on the screen. You can buy cards from your local supplier or from us. We probably have better prices due to large volume :) We don’t charge anything extra if you order them yourself.

Quasi laptimer

Your customers can use their smartphones as quasi-laptimers. Special app will present their best and last lap, difference and loss to the first result in current heat. All you need to do is get some bike-cases for smartphones and mount them on the steering wheels of your gokarts. That’s it – FREE laptimers!

Automated marketing

There are a lot of built-in features that require your attention once – during the setup, and then they’ll keep running until you shut them down. Their only goal is to drive more traffic to your karting track.


KartingManager can be easily integrated with facebook. Customers can use facebook within your system and system will automatically publish customer’s results on their timelines. Also – system will compare customer’s best result with his friends’ results to create internal ranking for „friends only”.