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LED scoreboards and TVs

LED scoreboards

kartingmanager is integrated with leading LED scoreboards providers. That means that you can connect your scoreboard to your network or directly to kartingmanager server and the system will automatically display results on the scoreboard.

Supported interfaces:

  • RS232
  • USB
  • Ethernet

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LED scoreboard is for sure the most professional way to display results for the drivers. The price of them has dropped significantly over last couple of years but for some tracks it’s still too expensive. On the other hand – widescreen TVs (50” or bigger) are MUCH cheaper.  That’s why we’ve prepared a module that allows you to use a TV (or many TVs) instead of a LED scoreboard. This solution is recommended for indoor tracks.

There are few ways to display results on your TV:

  1. One TV – recommended for small tracks where all gokarts can fit the screen.
  2. Multiple TVs next to each other – recommended for bigger tracks. You can show first five positions on TV1, second five positions on TV2, etc
  3. Multiple TVs with extended desktop – You can use 4 or even 6 TVs to create one giant screen and extend the desktop through all 4 TVs. So all screens will act like a one BIG screen.
  4. Custom solution – since it’s a TV and we have full control over the display – we can design and build custom solution for you. There are no limits!