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LED displays

LED displays


kartingmanager is integrated with many different LED boards providers. However - we've decided to build our own LED boards to answer market's demands for a flexible and affordable solution. Unlike other boards - KM LED display is not a regular scoreboard with a fixed size of the font and ability to display only numbers. KM LED board is actually a video board which allows you to easily manipulate with both font size and content.

Technical specification

  • Indoor / Outdoor (waterproof) case
  • Pixel size from 4mm (10mm recommended)
  • Mono color / tricolor / full color
  • Custom size
  • Multiple mounting solutions
All boards are custom made. There are no fixed sizes or specs so you can adjust the board to your requirements. Please remember though that LED display is no longer "just for results". If you go for full-colour LED display you can show there advertising videos or posters between the races. You can display driver's photo when they hit track record or you can display the photos and names of the drivers who should get ready for the next heat. It's totally up to you what you want to display there.